Araco Qatar


Arabian Agencies Company is providing complete customer solutions for earth moving equipment, crushers, commercial vehicles and power solutions. Lately, ARACO achieved another milestone which added a significant mark on its history wall. Founded in 2003, ARACO played an integral role in supporting the construction, transportation and industrial sector in Qatar.

The delivery of 8 Volvo EC480D Excavators and 2 Volvo EC350D Excavators to one of ARACO’s key clients summed-up as one of the most thrilled and awaited activities of ARACO as it resembles fulfillment to the vision and mission of the company, to be recognized as the “Ultimate” provider when it comes to products and services.

Volvo Crawler Excavator excels in heavy digging and lifting duties, offering superior cycle times and greater fuel efficiency. The engine works in harmony with intelligent, advanced hydraulic and features a more rugged undercarriage.

Built for heavy production duties such as trenching, loading, moving rocks or general construction, the Volvo Excavator delivers dependable power with high torque, along with lower emission, fuel consumption and noise.

At the heart of this machine is a turbocharged high-pressure direct injection Volvo diesel engine that offers maximum power. Volvo Excavator features an automatic idling system that reduces engine speed when the levers and pedals are not activated – aiding fuel efficiency and lowering external noise. Engine is matched with a gearbox that features a three-stage planetary gear and automatic two-speed track motor. 

When only a single function is being used, the two-pump hydraulics system combines the flow of both pumps for quick cycle times and greater productivity. It can also prioritize flow according to the work being done – e.g. to the boom for faster raising when loading or in deep excavations, or to the arm during leveling duties.  

The operator can select the work mode, settings and attachment requirements all from inside the cab. Four working modes (Idle, Fine, General and Heavy) allow operators to quickly select the best mode for the job at hand. This automatically tailors the performance and ensures the best fuel efficiency. Up to 18 different attachments can also be managed, tailoring hydraulic flow and pressure according to the specific requirements of the tool being used.

The client’s newly delivered Volvo Excavators will be working in a strategic construction project in Al Khor. These are added to their previously bought Volvo machines which are working in other on-going projects across the region. The recent delivery of Volvo excavators exhibits good relationships coupled with trust and loyalty between the client and of ARACO, because of this, ARACO is inspired to continue exploring more ways to drive more satisfied clients.

ARACO’s flagship for sustainability is through supporting clients in all their endeavors, providing them complete solution to minimize downtime and help them achieve their desired productivity. “Our customers come to us because we provide true solutions that are sustainable and cost-effective,” said Walid Dowidar, General Manager of ARACO.

“ARACO has been providing construction solutions to customers for more than 17 years. Our proven track record of customer satisfaction rooted from the outstanding standards of services rendered to our clients. With increasing competition from low-cost construction equipment, we differentiate our products through design and innovation, improved quality and productivity and step-up our after sales support to our customers. Being optimistic despite the challenging situation gives ARACO its determination to continuously grow,” Mr. Dowidar concluded.